Week 5: Social Media and Its Potential to Build a Positive World

15 years ago, the world didn’t know Facebook and Twitter, it’s hard to imagine how fast the social media has developed over the time. It’s no doubt that since the booming of social media, the world has been connected and people are getting closer to each other than ever.


Social media has changed the world in the way it enables people to know what is happening in other parts of the world where few people are capable to travel there and see by themselves.  When the Harvey hurricane hit Texas, people around the world were watching constantly updated news on Facebook and Twitter, many people in the center of the hurricane used social media to inform their friends and families that they are safe and they shared the pictures their local area current situations. People from other parts of the world reached out to the hurricane’s victims via social media, they sent supplements, food, clothes, people also established many online donation lines via social media. With social media, people can discover mystery countries such as North Korea where only a few people have had the chance to actually go there and see, people are able to see the life of a place where they would never be able to go with the shared pictures on social media. Social media has also changed the world with its capacity to spread information. Local authorities use social media to inform their residents about emergencies, electricity cut, or community social events. In remote communities, social media acts as a tool for people to interact with outside world. Education makes a better world and online education through various social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter enable more and more people to access knowledge anywhere and anytime. My MEd – Educational Administration program used to be delivered in purely face-to-face format but it has just been transformed into an online program to accommodate students from across Saskatchewan, I have a classmate from Nunavut and she is able to take classes in the program thanks to the online format of our program.



Social media has many potentials in building a better world thanks to the speed of spreading information. Although there are still many people who still don’t use social media due to various reasons, unavailability of the Internet, lack of devices, personal choices…, in the future, I strongly believe that the number of people who use social media will dramatically increase. The more the number of people uses social media, the more we are connected to each other. 


2 thoughts on “Week 5: Social Media and Its Potential to Build a Positive World”

  1. Hi Nam Le

    I like your post , yes social media has revolutionized the world that we are living , it has brought people closer, we are able to access information , news around the world instantly, I always wonder how the world would be without it ?, it was an interesting post , I enjoyed reading it .

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