Learning Chinese (part 5): Greetings


(via travelchinacheaper.com)

First of all I would like to clarify my goal in learning Chinese Cantonese. I don’t shoot for a star, in stead, I made it clear that next Summer I will do backpacking traveling to Hong Kong so my learning goal is that I will be able to “survive” there with my basic Cantonese knowledge. I have decided to only focus on what really essential. I don’t think I will focus too much on grammar, sentence structures all that stuff. I would rather focus on basic vocabulary, asking simple questions…so I will be able to “survive” in a Cantonese speaking region like Hong Kong.

I have done backpacking traveling to more than 15 countries so far and in every place, learning some basic greetings is essential.


(via chinahighlights.com)

Talking about Cantonese greeting phrases there are hundreds of them, something like Hello and I’m from Canada…etc are first things I need to know. However, there are also lots of greeting phrases and I don’t know how much is enough that I need to learn. I start thinking of situations such as when I first arrive at Hong Kong airport, how should I greet people there, how should I greet and introduce myself when I arrive in my hotel, who should I greet people I meet along my trip…

This video gives many useful greeting phrases in Cantonese:

Also this:

However, I find these videos on Youtube are just about some common greetings, I think I need to learn more of the greeting phrases so I found out this site, learnchineseez.com. This site has 15 pages of Cantonese greeting phrases, that’s a lot to learn, also I can hear the pronunciation of each phrases by clicking the “play button” next to each phrases. Very convenient and easy to learn!


I will go from here and try to practice pronouncing and remember these greeting phrases. Thank you for reading.


4 thoughts on “Learning Chinese (part 5): Greetings”

  1. Great work, Nam! Languages are so tough. I like that you chose Cantonese too. Most people that I know choose to learn Mandarin but I like that you chose the “non-traditional” choice 🙂 Is the alphabet the same as the Mandarin one? Have you downloaded any Apps that you have found to be useful?


    1. Hi Colleen. I don’t touch on the alphabet yet, I am still learning the Romanization of Chinese, but as I know, people who can speak Mandarin usually can read Cantonese and vice versa, so they have similarity. I do have same apps on my phone but most of them only provide very basic Cantonese lessons unless I pay for an upgrade, so I chose to stick with websites.


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