Week 9: TED Ed and English teaching for students in Vietnam


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I guess most of us here used to watch at least one TED talk. Stared in 1984  with a conference, TED, a not-for-profit organization has reached a large percentage of scholars, educators, students…across the world with several related projects and events such as TEDglobal, TEDx, TEDMED…TED ED is part of these, established with the goal to “spark and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students around the world”

I would like to evaluate TED ED as one of the OERs from a micro level.

TED ED is popular in Vietnam and large population of Vietnamese students and teachers have been taking advantage of this open education resource in English learning and teaching. In some schools in Vietnam, TED ED is even put in English teaching curriculum as an required learning activities for students. Many Vietnamese students and English teachers find listening to TED ED talks help students improving in all four English skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

I can say that when I first looked at the TED ED, I was struck by how user-friendly it is. All categories are on the left and all talks are on the right. In Vietnam, the English learners range from young ages to seniors so “user-friendly” factor is important, I believe everyone can easily navigate through the TED Ed website.


On the homepage, the learners can filter what talks they want to watch by content type: TED Ed originals, TED Talk Lessons, TED-Ed selects. Student level: Elementary/ Primary, Middle School, High School, College/ University, with this option, teachers can filter talks that appropriate and relevant to their students. Video duration. Subtitles.

TED Ed talks are not only delivered in English but also many languages across the world which serves a wide range of audience.

In Vietnam, teachers usually have students in the computer lab rooms with headphones so have them listening to TED Ed talks.

For English listening skill practices, while they are listening, students are asked to pay attention to the pronunciation, the accent of the speakers in the videos.

For Writing skill, students take note of how the speakers use sentences, take notes of any English words that they want further explanation from teachers

For Speaking skill, students are asked to watch how the speakers use gestures, the tones, pitch in voices of the speakers.

For Reading skill, at the end of the videos, students and teachers learn about new words that are used in the videos, how to use them in a sentence.

I would say the overall quality of the materials is very good, most of the videos are in HD quality, clear sounds and with many attractive graphics. This is an example that demonstrate the quality of TED Ed video.

TED Ed videos are also used widely in English classes for Vietnamese kids. Many kids love the cute and colorful animated graphics and simple content and easy to understand contents of TED Ed videos. Take a look at this one:

What I think as one of the benefits to incorporate TED Ed videos in English teaching for Vietnamese students is that at the end of the video, the students can do a small quiz to test on how much they learned from what they watched.


I believe a great OER like TED Ed has not only been helping Vietnamese students in learning English but in a large scope, it’s been providing many learners from different fields the opportunities to get knowledge through interactive and user-friendly interface. These TED Ed videos make lectures less boring and arouse interests in students. I would love to see TED Ex is used more in classrooms across my country because I believe in TED, as a not-for-profit organization, they will be able to deliver non-biased learning contents and that’s also the goal of education.

Have you ever used TED Ed in your classroom and would like to share the experience? Can you give me some comments? Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “Week 9: TED Ed and English teaching for students in Vietnam”

  1. I absolutely love using TED in my English classroom, although I don’t think I have ever used TED Ed! I’m definitely going to check it out now. I use TED talks to supplement “essays” in the ELA B30 curriculum and I then turn it into an entire global issues project where my students watch TED talks and find a topic they are passionate about to act on and teach the class about. I’ve had a lot of success so far with it. I find it interesting that TED Ed is mandatory in your Vietnamese curriculum and I think that is awesome as well. It looks like a great resource! Thanks for sharing!

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