Learning Chinese (part 6): Directions


(credit: angloinfo.com)

It’s me again with some progress of my Cantonese Chinese learning. As I said in previous blog, my goal in learning Cantonese is to be able to use this language when I go travel in HongKong next Summer. When learning basic Cantonese for travel purpose, next step, also the one of the most important steps is to learn how to tell directions.

At this point, I am having some difficulties in locating resources for my learning. I was introduced to OERs (Open Education Resources) a couple weeks ago, I’ve been searching for some OERs in Cantonese but I haven’t found any, most of the resources on OERs that I found are Mandarin Chinese, not Cantonese Chinese.

Fortunately, I found Quizlet, an interactive learning tool that helps the learners learn through flashcards. After each lesson, the learners have the opportunity to take tests and quizzes to evaluate their learning.

You can log in Quizlet with either your Facebook or Gmail account or use can sign up for a new Quizlet account. Basically, it’s free but if you are a teacher and you want to have upgraded benefits, you can pay a monthly fee for around $1.50/ month so you can design your own learning flashcards and quizzes for your students. As a learner, I’m good with free account.

So this is how Quizlet looks like, when I typed Cantonese directions on the “search” toolbar.

First, I need to learn the direction phrases through flashcards, there are 13 phrases in total and I have learn all of them before I can move to next step – taking quizzes and tests. While learning phrases through flashcards, I can click on the “sound icon” at the bottom of each flashcard to hear the pronunciation of that word and phrase.

quizlet 2.png

After I went through all the flashcards, I took the a quiz


Then a test:


I am currently following “Cantonese Couple“s Youtube channel. They make a lots of videos teaching Cantonese, I enjoy their videos a lot.


Apart from “Cantonese Couple” I am also following MtzCherry 文車厘, she is also a well-known Youtuber in making videos of Cantonese learning.


I am going to practice these directions phrases this week and try to find more Youtube’s videos about Cantonese directions phrases.

Thank you for reading!


5 thoughts on “Learning Chinese (part 6): Directions”

  1. Good for you on finding some supplemental resources to help you along.
    I continue to be impressed on your journey of learning an entirely new language. The course of your blogs has also given me some ideas on how to renew a drive to learn Korean, a language that has gone cold in the years since I’ve been there.

    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is amazing! I am so envious of those who can speak more than one language. 🙂 I’m still plugging away on learning more French…that was my other choice for my learning project! You may have answered this at some point, but what takes you to Hong Kong? Just for fun, school, work? How exciting.


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