Week 11: Studytracks – Study like this

Think about how easy it is to remember the lyrics of Umbrella by Rihanna or Purple Rain by Prince. Imagine now the students can remember the Start of Civilization in History or Newton’s Law in Physics. It’s totally possible because now the students have Studytracks, the app that put curriculum into catchy Hiphop songs.


Here is one example of the study tracks in math I got from Youtube

and here is another track that teaches Straight line graph in Math.


Basically, all you or your students need to do is to download the app “Studytracks” available on both iOS and Android. When opening the app, you will see “Sign up” page where it has two options whether the students are taking UK or US curriculum, well unfortunately there’s currently no Canada’s curriculum but I find the lessons for each subjects in the app are quite universal and I bet every students will find something worth learning with this app.


After you signed in, there will be a lots of options on the subjects that you want to learn through songs.



(There are several subjects: Physics, chemistry, math, world history, geography, literature, English)

And in each subject, there are several study tracks on different topics that students can learn. They can also save or share the tracks that they like and after listening to the tracks several times, students can also take the tests to see how much they remember.

20171127_035129000_iOS 1

(The more a student listens to different study tracks, the more points he/she will get)

20171127_035249000_iOS 1

(There’s also lyrics that appear while the song is being played, students can remember the lessons through both listening to catchy hip-hop songs and reading the lyrics)


For me personally, I loveeeeeee Hiphop and when I discovered this app, I was like: “Is it the coolest thing ever?” I am not teaching but if someone asked me would I recommend this for students, I would definitely say yes because of the following reasons:

  • I observe that teenagers now are more and more keen on Hip hop and I feel this app is more like it’s tailored to this generation. Studytracks really helps to communicate what the teachers want to teach to the students in a way that students can feel comfortable and feel good when learn lessons through catchy Hip hop songs.
  • These tracks can boost students moods when they listen to them.
  • Students can listen to them on the bus, or car when they come to school…everywhere and it’s really convenient.
  • I can see the potential of Studytracks to be some sorts of professional development for teachers as it’s nice for teachers to be involved with something that’s not just the straight old normal educational stuff (Well, unless you hate Hiphop…)
  • For me even when I know that I don’t need to learn all the stuff in the app but I do listen to them when I am in the gym just because these tracks are just so good!



  • You need to pay a subscription fee if you want to unlock more tracks



  • I am not teaching but I would say maybe the lesson in each track does not cover enough what the students need to learn, maybe teachers can be able to assess this aspect better.


  • Really hope the developers of Studytracks will develop many more subjects in other country’s K-12 curriculum.


Would you consider introducing learning through songs, especially by Studytracks app to your students, leave some comments, I would love to hear about your opinions. Thanks!






4 thoughts on “Week 11: Studytracks – Study like this”

  1. This is too cool! I am pretty sure I came up with this idea when I was in grade 10. When studying for an exam on the Russian Revolution I listed to Rasputin by Boney M a bunch of times. Needless to say it didn’t go into as much depth as my teacher wanted and I didn’t do so hot on the test. But I was able to write all the lyrics out on the exam paper (and got a bonus mark).

    I really like this idea. I downloaded the app and listened to a few. They aren’t the most offensive things I have heard, but they are no Boney M either. Worth a shot for those students who freeze up on exams and need a bit of a crutch to support their studying.

    Thanks for sharing Thanh! Great find.

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