Learning Chinese – Wrap up

My objective in learning Cantonese is that because next Summer, I will have a vacation in Hongkong where Cantonese is the main language, so being able to speak basic Cantonese for travelling purpose is what I attempt in this learning project.

During the last couples of month, I have shared with you guys the total of 7 parts of my learning project. I shared my parts in weekly basis:

Part 1: I shared my initial plan and some reasons why I chose to learn Cantonese Chinese. In this part, I identified several resources and learning network that could possibly help me learn Cantonese.

Part 2: My progress on learning Cantonese pronunciation and tones. I used Memrise as a main interactive learning tools to help me learn Cantonese pronunciation and tones.

Part 3: I documented my visit to the Confucius institute at U of R to learn of Chinese culture, Chinese cultural programs and activities that offered here, and how I found my learning buddy.

Part 4: I learned Cantonese numbers and dates. I practiced by reading out loud randomly dates from the calendar and numbers from the bingo sheets.

Part 5: I learned Cantonese greeting phrases.

Part 6: I learned how to tell directions in Cantonese.

Part 7: As I was searching for learning resources, I could see digital library and online learning resources were a big help in my learning project. However, this also had me reflect on the role of traditional library, whether the traditional library is dying because digital library and online resources are getting dominant. Also in this part, I showed to you guys some of the Cantonese grammar books that I borrowed from the library. These books would help me as I will continue my Cantonese learning after the course ended.

I found the online resources to learn Cantonese are much less than Mandarin. Even when I tried to search on several OERs, I couldn’t find any resources that really help. My subjective opinion is that OERs may mostly serve the mainstream knowledge and the subjects on some OERs that I visited need to be more varied.

I also found lots of sources on the Internet but most of them were user-created content sites and I kinda doubted about the correctness and validity of the things people posted on those sites. My solution was for one aspect of learning Cantonese, I compared between different sources of information to filter what seems to be the most reliable source that I can learn from.

Youtube was really helpful, I followed several Youtubers who had very interesting videos that teach Cantonese.

I also connected to a few Cantonese teaching Twitters.

There are a lot of aspect in learning a language. There are not just numbers, dates, tones, pronunciations, but a lot more that I didn’t have a chance to write blogs about. I decided to only document the aspects in learning Cantonese which I think most important in relation with my learning objective.

During my learning project, I was so grateful because I received lots of support from my classmates, through the comments, they gave me lots of opinions and useful ideas. Thank you all for that.

I also would like to thank professor Dr. Alec Couros for the feedback and guidance. You set a very clear expectation and objective for the major learning assignment of the EC&I 831 and that help guide me in successfully completing my learning project.

I will keep learning Cantonese and I will try to maintain this blog as a way to connect with friends and other educators.






2 thoughts on “Learning Chinese – Wrap up”

  1. Hey – good job in your learning of Cantonese. I am eager to learn how your newly learned language skills fair during your time in Hong Kong next summer. Keep in touch and tweet about it! All the best!


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