Summary of learning: Open Education Resources

This is my summary of learning in EC&I 831, instead of addressing all the course components, I decided to speak specifically about Open Education Resources. Enjoy! Thanks everyone for the support and comments throughout the course.


2 thoughts on “Summary of learning: Open Education Resources”

  1. Great job!! I really enjoyed watching your summary of learning! I also appreciate the direction you took with your video, focusing specifically on open education resources and how they are extremely beneficial for educational purposes! I agree, the cost of textbooks are outrageous! Moreover, open education resources accommodates all types of learners and offers diverse forms of digital literacy! Well done! Thank you for sharing your learning experience with me and I hope to collaborate with you again in the future! Best of luck!


  2. Great summary, Nam Le! The focus of your summary also caught my attention, as Roxanne said above. Thanks for sharing this with us!


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