Learning Chinese (part 3): I visited the Confucius Institute at U of R and found a learning buddy!

Located in the College West Corridor at the University of Regina, the Confucius Institute is the place where student and non-student visitors can visit if they want to explore more about Chinese culture and language.

According to the Confucius Institute’s website: “The Institute fosters and facilitates cultural interaction and engagement with China in ways that engender a broader understanding, opportunities, and partnerships between individuals, institutions, enterprises, and communities in Saskatchewan and China” 

As a global citizen, I appreciate the efforts of the University of Regina in bringing more cultural platforms to the campus to promote the diversity and provide Canadian students with many cross-cultural learnings and activities. As a Chinese learner, I was curious about the Confucius Institute and I wondered if I could find something useful for my Chinese learning progress there, so I decided to check it out.

It’s good to know that the Confucius Institute offers many non-credit Chinese language classes from beginner to advanced levels for both student and non-student.

I will arrange my schedule to register for one of the Chinese classes from the Confucius Institute after this semester. My Chinese learning project in EC&I 831 is about my self-study progress in Chinese. However, I want to take a formal Chinese class so that I can get a Chinese certificate in the future.

I also got to know that the Confucius Institute also organizes lots of events and workshops for those who are interested in Chinese culture.

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When I was checking around, I met Yan, she is an Education PhD candidate at the University of Regina, and she is from China. We were so surprised to know that we have a mutual friend. After the chit-chating, she offered me helps in my Chinese learning. We have decided that we will meet each other on Monday afternoon each week at the Graduate Student Lounge on second floor Ed building so she can help me with pronunciation. I asked Yan where to go next after practicing pronunciation and tones, she suggested I should progress with basic vocabulary (numbers, foods, and greetings…) then sentence pattern. Next step in my Chinese learning project, I will document my learning of vocabulary of foods, common things around me, then greetings.

I am so happy that I could exchange contact with Yan and she offered to be my Chinese learning buddy. We also connected on Facebook and Whatsapp so whenever I have questions or be stuck in something, I can contact her and seek help.

Next post (part 4), I will showcase my learning progress in basic Chinese vocabulary. Thanks for reading.





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