Week 4: We should teach our children how to apply the knowledge in their own context rather than the knowledge itself

I had a chance to listen to a Ted talk by Pavan Arora with the topic: "Knowledge is obsolete, so now what?"  Pavan talked about the ever-changing knowledge nowadays and he insisted that some knowledge will be useless in the future. Pavan then raised two thought-provoking questions: (1) "Are we teaching what the students need?" and (2)... Continue Reading →

Week 3: Learning “in the open”. Risks and opportunities

Nowadays students go to colleges with established social media presence and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are commonly used among them. This factor leverages the effectiveness of the use of social media in the post-secondary classroom. Today social media has immersed deeply into the curriculum of many programs at post-secondary levels. Social media provides the opportunity for post-secondary students to open a communication network with not only students and... Continue Reading →

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